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Geisha   Leaning Tower of Pisa   Boracay   Palawan
'Geisha' ("person of the arts") are traditional Japanese artist-entertainers. They were very common in the 18th and 19th centuries, and are still in existence today, although their numbers are dwindling.
  Leaning tower of Pisa
By far the best known sight in Pisa is the famous Leaning Tower which is but one of many architecturally and artistically important structures in the city's Campo dei Miracoli or "Field of Miracles", to the north of the old town center.
The best part of the island is the four-kilometer White Beach hailed as the “finest beach in the world.” The surrounding water is shallow and the sand is finer and brighter than most beaches in the archipelago. White Beach is so, soooo fine, it feels like treading on miles of baby powder!
Palawan waters are among the best in the world, not only for diving but also for fishing. A diver's paradise, it has miles of sub-surface coral and rainbow reef walls which surround the coasts and coves teeming with rich marine life.
A lovely country to visit. My very first destination in Scandinavia. This template requires 3 photos.
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